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The Eco Start Program

Beginning in the product development stage and throughout the remainder of the product’s lifecycle, Canon considers the environment, utilizing energy-efficient manufacturing processes and trying to minimize hazardous substances from our products. The Eco Start Program is an extension of this commitment and is designed to help have a positive impact on the environment.

The Canon Solutions America Eco Start Program is a program that was developed as a partnership collaboration between the Production Print Solutions division of Canon Solutions America, our production print customers, and the Trees for the Future organization. This program is designed as a first step to helping our customers achieve carbon-neutral production. Furthermore, this program allows Canon Solutions America customers to take part in helping to improve the livelihood of communities, while putting trees back into the environment.

Canon Environment Two Sides promotes the sustainability of the Graphic Communications Industry by publicizing the positive steps that the industry is taking to reduce its environmental impact. It provides facts and information to explain the sustainability and effectiveness of print and paper versus alternative media. Members of Two Sides are encouraged to promote the adoption of sustainable business initiatives, including responsible sourcing of materials, production, print and design, consumption, and disposal.

To plant the trees, Canon Solutions America works with Trees for the Future, a Charity Navigator four-star organization. Since its inception in 1989, Trees for the Future has helped thousands of communities in Central America, Africa, and Asia improve their livelihoods and their environment by planting over 149 million trees, removing approximately two million tons of CO2 from the atmosphere each year.

Since the launch of the Eco Start Program, Canon Solutions America has planted over 1.7 million trees on behalf of its customers, in Forest Gardens that provide food and income for hundreds of families who previously suffered from chronic hunger.

The result of this program is an alliance forged between Canon Solutions America, its customers, and a well-respected non-profit organization that improves the environment and local communities as a direct result of our sales activities. This program allows our customers to take an active part in the sustainability tradition Canon has established.


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