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The Canon imageFORMULA DR-C230 Office Document Scanner is a great choice for busy offices that need to scan a variety of documents quickly and efficiently.

The scanner has Auto Resolution settings so you can scan a mixed batch of documents without having to pre-sort them. This saves time and energy, allowing you to focus on your work instead of tedious document scanning.

What Makes It Special

Dynamic, Reliable, Flexible Scanning

Dynamic Workflow

The stacking tray can manage up to 60 documents at a time, making light work of the bulkiest jobs. Whether you're scanning thin pages or passports, this scanner has the capabilities for nearly any document type.

Work fast, worry less

This scanner can handle up to 30 pages per minute, in both color and black-and-white, meaning that you won't have to waste time presorting documents by type.

Scan to the cloud

Easy to scan documents and upload them to the cloud. Can be easily integrated with third-party software. Having access to scanned documents online makes it easy for people to collaborate and keep the workplace paper-free.

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      "features_0_title": "High Quality Imaging",
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      "features_0_blurb": "Enhance and maintain quality with Auto Resolution, Character Emphasis and Text Enhancement features that help improve legibility on hard-to-read documents.",
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      "features_1_title": "Feed release function",
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      "features_1_blurb": "Equipped with a double-feed release functions to allow scanning to resume when double-feed is detected for a seamless and more efficient scanning experience.",
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      "features_2_title": "One-touch scanning",
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      "features_2_blurb": "With its one-touch keys, you can scan your documents and send them to various places with just one click. Make scanning documents and sending them much faster, so you can stop futzing with your scanner and get your work done.",
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      "features_3_title": "Environmentally aware",
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      "features_3_blurb": "Designed for user efficiency and compliance with ENERGY STAR guidelines for energy reduction. Additionally, it meets EU directives for the prevention of hazardous substances and waste products.",
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Our services include free installation and set-up along with ongoing troubleshooting and training, Come into our offices and test out the scanner before making a purchase.